Footlink Moisturising Cream 100ml

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For all types skin including dry and diabetic skin.
For all types skin including dry and diabetic skin.

 Plant Based Moistuirising Cream For Hands & Feet

Idea for all skin types including dry and diabetic skin.


Footlink Moisturising cream has been formulated with three (3) main ingreadies 

Cocoa Butter (Moisturising) - Provides moisturising and emollient properties which helps skin to retain moisture.

Aleo Vera (Soothing) - Is legendary for its unique properties to soothe and moisturise dry skin. 

Vitamin E (Repair) - Is an antioxidant, helps to protect skin and also acts as a moisturising agent to improve elasticity and smoothness of skin. 

"Long Hours Moisturising - Non Greasy Formula - Fast Acting"


Footlink's mosituriser cream is Free from (does not contain)
Mineral Oil
Harsh Detergents

Hypoallergenic Tested
Idea to be used on all skin types including sensitive skins

pH Balanced - 5.5 pH
Idea pH balance to be used on skin



Available in 100ml


* Best to be applied after shower or bath
* Do not apply in between toes
* Store in room temperature (<30 C)
* Massage cream gently on to skin (hand or feet) 
every day and night.
* Reapply on dry, rough or problematic
areas when needed.
* Use cream liberally.


Our tubes are five (5) layers environment friendly (EVOH), which means it can be recycleable. Our tube has a barrier which protect the cream from oxidisation and able to maintain the cream's freshness.
Our tubes are also durable and able to withstand impact (drop-test) and cracks.

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