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Ezerra Plus is uniquely formulated to boost your child’s own skin defence system to help protect the skin against germs, bacteria and other infection-causing enemies. Ezerra Plus does not contain steroids, making it safe for extended use.
Ezerra Plus is uniquely formulated to boost your child’s own skin defence system to help protect the skin against germs, bacteria and other infection-causing enemies. Ezerra Plus does not contain steroids, making it safe for extended use.


What It Does:

  • Boosts the skin’s own defence system and breaks the vicious “Itch-Scratch” cycle before it can lead to dangerous infection.
  • Ensures intense moisturisation by attracting, retaining and regulating moisture in the skin.
  • Keeps skin calm and comfortable.

Active Ingredients:

  • Tripeptide boosts skin’s natural defence system against microbes and other external agents that can cause infection in scratched skin.
  • Stimutex-AS, a naturally-derived ingredient that has anti-histaminergic mimicking properties to provide relief from pruritis(itchiness) and erythema (redness and inflammation of the skin).
  • Saccharide Isomerate, a natural humectant that acts like a water magnet to provide intense moisturisation and restore skin barrier function.

How To Use:

Apply 2-3 times a day on clean skin on affected areas where skin is itchy, scratched and inflamed. If there are signs of infection (yellowish fluid), please see your doctor or dermatologist to address the infection.

Use fingers to lightly dab and spread the Cream on eczema-affected skin.

Once the skin has healed, maintain the healthy condition of the skin with the use of Ezerra Lotion to moisturise the skin all over after cleansing with Ezerra Extra Gentle Cleanser, an SLS/SLES-free body wash.


What Is Eczema?

This is a common skin condition that causes drying and itching of the skin. The medical term for the condition is atopic dermatitis or eczema. Severe cases will cause the skin to redden, develop cracks, and ooze fluids. The currently is no eczema cure, however it can be managed effectively.

Common areas affected include the hands, face, elbows, and the rear part of the knees.

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What Causes Childhood Eczema?

Eczema is an allergic reaction just like asthma and hayfever.

Baby eczema flare-ups can also be triggered by certain shampoos, detergents, and fabric softeners that contain skin-irritating chemical compounds.


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What Are The Symptoms To Look Out For?

As a mother or any other person taking care of the child, the following are some of the symptoms you should look out for:

  • Dehydration of the skin causing skin dryness
  • Reddening of the skin
  • Extreme itchiness
  • Oozing of fluids
  • Cracking of the skin, and
  • Inflammation of the skin

Eczema can be very annoying and distressing to a baby as the urge to scratch the skin is irresistible. It also causes a lot of discomfort especially at night leading to sleeping problems.




What Is the Treatment?

Unfortunately, there is no eczema cure or specific eczema treatment. In spite of that, there are a few things you can do to keep the condition in check.

To prevent flare-ups from occurring, regular moisturizing of the baby’s skin is recommended. Ezerra provides a high quality eczema-specific moisturiser that is widely recommended by dermatologists. It is a good idea to always consult your specialist before you purchase any ointment or cream for the control of eczema.


Sometimes doctors may initially prescribe a cortisone or steroidal cream for eczema. This however  is not normally used for the long term. Ezerra is non-steroidal, and therefore can be used over extended periods safely.

There are some additional steps that a mother can take to prevent rapid flare-ups of baby eczema. These include among others:

  • Breastfeeding the baby exclusively within the first four or six months of their young life. This has been known to prevent allergies and eczema.
  • Avoid feeding your baby with cow milk or cow milk based formulas. This has been known to increase flare-ups in some babies. Nonetheless, you need to consult with your doctor before taking this step as it does not affect all babies.
  • Mothers should consume foods that are rich in probiotics like yoghurt during pregnancy.This has been known to significantly reduce chances of developing eczema in infants.

Mothers should also consult with their doctors for advice on what foods to avoid during pregnancy or breastfeeding. This is because whatever they consume is passed on to the baby and can cause allergic reactions in the baby.




Mothers need not worry if their babies develop eczema. It is a common condition among children and can be managed effectively. Ezerra provides the ideal solution for the management of childhood eczema.

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