Stomach Upset

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MYR 29.00 MYR 24.90

Gaviscon Double Action 150ml
CV: 4.00

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Eno Lemon 4.3g 2's (Strip)
CV: 1.00

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Axcel Eviline Forte Suspension 120ml
CV: 2.00

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Gaviscon Double Action 10ml x 24's
CV: 10.00

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Maalox Plus Simethicone Suspension 180ml
CV: 5.00

MYR 29.00 MYR24.90 Availability: In Stock
Dual relief from heartburn and indigestion. Gets to work instantly, Lasts up to 2x longer than antacids, Suitable for use in pregnancy.
Product Code:10971530
MYR 2.50 MYR2.20 Availability: In Stock
Quick relief is all you want when suffering from indigestion and this is exactly what Eno provides. As soon as you get that bloated feeling after a meal, have an Eno and you will feel the difference immediately.
Product Code:10973360
MYR 15.05 MYR13.60 Availability: In Stock
For relief of heartburn and acid indigestion.
Product Code:10977020
MYR 80.40 MYR68.40 Availability: In Stock
Complete relief from heartburn and indigestion on the go.
Product Code:10983170
MYR 19.80 MYR15.80 Availability: In Stock
Act as antacid by neutralizing gastric acid and raise pH. To relief intermittent, infrequent heartburn and indigestion.
Product Code:10983510
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