Stomach Upset

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Bekunis Dragees Laxative 45's
CV: 4.00

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Zellox-II Antacid 100ml
CV: 6.00

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Gaviscon Liquid 200ml
CV: 4.00

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Actal Plus Tablet 120's
CV: 11.00

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Actal Tablet 120's
CV: 3.00

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Actal Tablet 20's
CV: 1.00

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Ubat Po Chai 10's
CV: 1.00

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Smecta Anti Diarrheals 3g 30's
CV: 7.00

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Ultracarbon 50's
CV: 7.00

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Forlax 20's
CV: 2.00

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Fybogel 10 sachets
CV: 5.00

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Dulcolax 10mg 50's
CV: 20.00

MYR 15.40 MYR 12.90

Senokot Tablets With Senna 60's
CV: 2.00

MYR 15.70 MYR 13.90

Neo Healar Suppositories 10's
CV: 2.00

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Woodwards Gripe Water 148ml
CV: 2.00

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Natural herb to treat constipation and bloated stomach.
Product Code:10106060
MYR 18.20 MYR15.40 Availability: In Stock
An aid for the relief of gastric acidity, indigestion, heartburn, flatulence and dyspepsia.
Product Code:10107660
MYR 28.95 MYR24.60 Availability: In Stock
Fast soothing relief from heartburn.
Product Code:10107710
MYR 40.90 MYR38.80 Availability: In Stock
For the relief of pain and flatulence (wind) associated with gastric hyperacidity, heartburn of pregnancy, peptic ulcer, pyrosis and indigestion.
Product Code:10107810
MYR 27.80 MYR23.50 Availability: In Stock
For the relief of stomach discomfort such as indigestion, heartburn due to gastric hyperacidity, peptic ulcer and heartburn of pregnancy.
Product Code:10107830
MYR 6.00 MYR4.50 Availability: In Stock
For the relief of stomach discomfort such as indigestion, heartburn due to gastric hyperacidity, peptic ulcer and heartburn of pregnancy.
Product Code:10107850
MYR 15.90 MYR13.00 Availability: In Stock
Traditionally used for symptomatic relief of fever, cold, minor diarrhoea, vomiting and stomach-ache.
Product Code:10108150
MYR 49.50 MYR41.90 Availability: In Stock
Product Code:10108200
MYR 23.00 MYR19.50 Availability: In Stock
Acure diarrhoea , to prevention of absorption in oral intoxications and acceleration of elimination in intoxication with substances subject to enterohepatic circulation.
Product Code:10108220
MYR 35.00 MYR31.90 Availability: In Stock
Symptomatic treatment of constipation in adults & children ≥8 yr.
Product Code:10108350
MYR 30.00 MYR25.90 Availability: In Stock
Fybogel Natural High Fibre Sachets is an easy and convenient way to increase the fibre in your diet helping your digestive system work more efficiently and gently relieving constipation the natural way. Fybogel works naturally with your body to treat constipation without undue straining, discomfort or unnatural urgency, so helping to restore and maintain regularity.
Product Code:10108430
MYR 80.57 MYR69.90 Availability: In Stock
it helps you to maintain or improves the condition of your body as well as boosting your health and fitness.
Product Code:10108440
MYR 15.40 MYR12.90 Availability: In Stock
Senokot is a reliably effective laxative made with natural senna treated especially to yield a constant amount of active ingredient in each dose, to give predictable relief from occasional or non-persistent constipation.
Product Code:10108460
MYR 15.70 MYR13.90 Availability: In Stock
Neo Healar has effective anti-inflammatory, astringent and antiseptic medical properties to accelerate the anal skin healing process. It also helps to restore dilated and inflamed veins to the normal condition.
Product Code:10108560
MYR 12.80 MYR11.90 Availability: In Stock
For relief from wind pains, digestive upsets especially during the teething period.
Product Code:10108640
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