Cough & Phlegm

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Blackmores Garlic Oil 250's
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Mucoflux Syrup 60ml
CV: 4.00

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Himalaya Tulasi 60's
CV: 12.00

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Stenac Effervescent Tablets 600mg 30's
CV: 19.00

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Blackmores Garlic Oil helps in the temporary relief of bronchial cough. It can assist in the relief of symptoms of catarrh, colds, and flu.
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Break down stubborn phelgm & help relief cough Mucolytic agent, which lowers viscosity of mucus, in acute & chronic resp tract disorders characterized by excessive, viscous mucus. Non-Drowsy/ Non sleepy
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Tulasi offers antimicrobal ,anti-allergic,anti-inflammatory,immunomodulatory,and expectorant properties. It helps recover faster from cough and cold,throat infection and other upper respiratory tract infeection
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Acetylcysteine has been shown to dramatically reduce the viscosity and tenacity of sputum. Pretreatment with Acetylcysteine may prevent lung injury by diminishing elastase activity; this diminished activity or elastase may be achieved by enhanced inactivation by antiproteases.
Product Code:10973170
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