Kool Fever

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Koolfever Child 2's x 6
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Koolfever Adult 6's
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Koolfever Child 6's
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MYR 27.60 MYR 22.90 Availability: In Stock
KOOLFEVER Child is ready to use when your child has sudden fever. Each sheet absorbs and disperses heat effectively to lower your child’s temperature.
Product Code:10125710
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KOOLFEVER Adult absorbs and disperses heat effectively. It can be used immediately when any of your family members becomes feverish.
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KOOLFEVER is ready to use as it is when your baby becomes feverish. Because it tightly fits to the forehead, it is not displaced even if your baby turns in bed. Crisp and cool effects persists for about 8 hours per sheet. KOOLFEVER has the size perfectly fitted to babies's foreheads. The cooling gel goes noit contains fragrance or coloring, gentle to babies' skin.
Product Code:10327400
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