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MYR 71.30 MYR 50.50

VitaHealth Lecithin 1200mg 100's
CP: 8.00

MYR 39.20 MYR 34.90

VitaHealth Celery Plus 30's
CP: 5.00

MYR 37.50 MYR 23.40

VitaHealth Eyebright Plus 30's
CP: 1.00

MYR 222.30 MYR 188.90

VitaHealth L-Glutathione Plus 30's x 2
CP: 25.00

MYR 167.00 MYR 125.50

VitaHealth DHA Plus Colostrum Chewable 60's x 2
CP: 5.00

MYR 167.30 MYR 119.90

VitaHealth Bilberry Plus 60's x 2
CP: 3.00

MYR 34.50 MYR 31.90

VitaHealth Horseradish Plus 30's
CP: 9.00

MYR 90.90 MYR 67.50

VitaHealth Dandelion Complex Plus Tab 30's x 3
CP: 4.00

MYR 68.90 MYR 60.90

VitaHealth Cleansa Plus 30's x 3
CP: 10.00

MYR 228.60 MYR 171.90

VitaHealth Ginkgo Biloba 60's x 2
CP: 21.00

MYR 77.20 MYR 65.90

VitaHealth Supa Garlic Plus 25's x 3
CP: 9.00

MYR 150.60 MYR 126.90

VitaHealth TRN Bioflavonoids C 1000 Plus Zinc 60's x 2
CP: 18.00

MYR 259.90 MYR 194.90

VitaHealth Flexiplex 60's x 2
CP: 18.00

MYR 184.90 MYR 136.50

VitaHealth Fenugreek and Cinnamon Complex 60's x 2
CP: 7.00

MYR 99.00 MYR 79.90

VitaHealth Liveli 50ml x 10's
CP: 12.00

MYR 71.30 MYR 50.50 Availability: In Stock
VitaHealth Lecithin 1200mg provides a complex mixture of naturally occurring phosphatides derived from soya oil.
Product Code:10100250
MYR 39.20 MYR 34.90 Availability: In Stock
VitaHealth Celery Plus is a proprietary formulation of celery seed, white willow bark, devil's claw and other herbs.
Product Code:10100520
MYR 37.50 MYR 23.40 Availability: In Stock
VitaHealth Eyebright Plus is a synergistic blend of eyebright and other herbs that help support healthy eyes and better vision.
Product Code:10100560
MYR 222.30 MYR 188.90 Availability: In Stock
VitaHealth L-Glutathione Plus combines l-glutathione with 6 other well-known nutrients to protect and restore skin naturally.
Product Code:10453680
MYR 167.00 MYR 125.50 Availability: In Stock
VitaHealth DHA Plus Colostrum Chewable combines the goodness of DHA-rich tuna oil and colostrum for children's health.
Product Code:10453690
MYR 167.30 MYR 119.90 Availability: In Stock
VitaHealth Vita Bilberry Plus contains 120mg bilberry extract.
Product Code:10453700
MYR 34.50 MYR 31.90 Availability: In Stock
VitaHealth Horseradish Plus contains 6-In-1 Herbal Blend.
Product Code:10453740
MYR 90.90 MYR 67.50 Availability: In Stock
VitaHealth Dandelion complex Plus is a combination of 7 natural herbs to support healthy liver and aids in digestion.
Product Code:10453750
MYR 68.90 MYR 60.90 Availability: In Stock
VitaHealth Cleansa Plus is a synergistic blend of natural herbs - queen's delight, red clover, passiflora and others to rejuvenate the internal detoxification system.
Product Code:10458200
MYR 228.60 MYR 171.90 Availability: In Stock
VitaHealth Ginkgo Biloba is specially formulated with high-strength Ginkgo biloba leaf extract to promote healthy blood circulation.
Product Code:10458210
MYR 77.20 MYR 65.90 Availability: In Stock
VitaHealth Supa Garlic Plus combines 3 nutrients - garlic oil, lecithin and wheatgerm oil in one softgel.
Product Code:10458220
MYR 150.60 MYR 126.90 Availability: In Stock
VitaHealth TRN Bioflavonoids C 1000 Plus Zinc combines the benefits of vitamin C, bioflavonoids, rutin, hesperidin and zinc.
Product Code:10458230
MYR 259.90 MYR 194.90 Availability: In Stock
Product Code:10458240
MYR 184.90 MYR 136.50 Availability: In Stock
VitaHealth Fenugreek & Cinnamon Complex is formulated with a synergistic blend of fenugreek-seed extract, cinnamon extract, bitter melon and 4 other herbs to support healthy blood sugar levels.
Product Code:10458250
MYR 99.00 MYR 79.90 Availability: In Stock
Features LiverGuard™ unripe green jujube extract for hepatic protection, added with royal jelly, artichoke, jiaogulan and vitamin C.
Product Code:10458260
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