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Mega Flexsa 1500 30'sachet
CP: 23.00

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Mega Glow 5*10
CP: 20.00

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Mega Osteokare 10's x 3
CP: 11.00

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Mega Nat C 1000mg 150's
CP: 30.00

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Mega Cal D Chewz 400mg 30's
CP: 6.00

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Flexsa 1500 is crystalline glucosamine sulfate which can dissolve easily in water. Flexsa 1500 helps in rebuilding the cartilage and reversing the progression of osteoarthritis disease. Glucosamine sulfate is naturally produced in the body and is a key component of cartilage, which is responsible for normal joint function.
Product Code:10371830
MYR 145.43 MYR 109.10 Availability: In Stock
A suitable therapy for aging symptoms of the skin. An effective and safe treatment for photoaged skin and melasma. A complete skincare solution which may help improve skin health, softness, suppleness, radiance, moisturization and elasticity
Product Code:10391210
MYR 53.20 MYR 39.90 Availability: In Stock
As adjunctive therapy for osteoarthritis.
Product Code:10981980
MYR 135.70 MYR 101.80 Availability: In Stock
Function synergistically with Vitamin C to help maintain healthy capillaries, form collagen in connective tissues, heal wounds and also helps protect against stomach ulcers and relieve symptoms of diarrhea.
Product Code:10982770
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A calcium and vitamin D supplement for growth and development of health bones and teeth with a great chocolate taste and low calories.
Product Code:10990230
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