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MYR 15.90 MYR 15.00

Counterpain 60g
CV: 2.00

MYR 16.20 MYR 12.90

Mentholatum Deep Heat Rub 35.4g
CV: 2.00

MYR 28.00 MYR 23.80

Mentholatum Deep Heating Rub 94.4g
CV: 7.00

MYR 12.60 MYR 9.90

Flanil Cream 30g
CV: 3.00

MYR 14.90 MYR 12.70

Menzza Cream 50g
CV: 4.00

MYR 14.00 MYR 11.90

Dettol Cream 30g
CV: 1.00

MYR 13.90 MYR 8.40

Epsom Salts 375g
CV: 2.00

MYR 17.00 MYR 13.90

Vicks VapoRub 50g
CV: 1.00

MYR 20.00 MYR 18.50

Bonjela Gel 15g
CV: 2.00

MYR 5.60 MYR 5.10

Vicks VapoRub 10g
CV: 1.00

MYR 21.40 MYR 16.90

Euderm Cream 45g
CV: 6.00

MYR 12.90 MYR 11.30

Yu Yee Oil Cap Limau 22ml
CV: 2.00

MYR 37.15 MYR 25.90

Ethylchloride Spray 100ml
CV: 7.00

MYR 20.00 MYR 16.00

Anti Mosquito Patch 10's
CV: 13.00

MYR 30.75 MYR 26.10

Mosi-guard Natural Insect Repellent Stick 40ml
CV: 7.00

MYR 15.90 MYR 15.00 Availability: In Stock
Counterpain analgesic balm is specially developed to relieve muscle pain.
Product Code:10109400
MYR 16.20 MYR 12.90 Availability: In Stock
For sore muscles and back pain – work in before you exercise to warm up and after exercise to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness.
Product Code:10109430
MYR 28.00 MYR 23.80 Availability: In Stock
For temporary relief of minor aches and pains of musles,simple backache,strains and sprains.
Product Code:10109440
MYR 12.60 MYR 9.90 Availability: In Stock
Flanil Cream is analgesic cream that is widely used among massagers in Thailand and several European countries. It's better than other analgesic cream. It provides stainless vanishing effect and better result
Product Code:10109450
MYR 14.90 MYR 12.70 Availability: In Stock
For the relief of joint and muscular pain, sprains and strains as well as pain associated with rheumatism and arthritis.
Product Code:10109490
MYR 14.00 MYR 11.90 Availability: In Stock
Effective protection from germs and infection.
Product Code:10109570
MYR 13.90 MYR 8.40 Availability: In Stock
Eases stress and relaxes body. Relieves pain and muscle cramps.
Product Code:10109620
MYR 17.00 MYR 13.90 Availability: In Stock
Cold Vaporising Ointment. For symptomatic relief from blocked nose and cough due to colds.
Product Code:10109680
MYR 20.00 MYR 18.50 Availability: In Stock
Bonjela Adult provides effective relief from the pain, discomfort and inflammation caused by common mouth ulcers, cold sores, dentures and sore spots, as well as mouth ulcers and sore spots due to orthodontic devices.
Product Code:10109710
MYR 5.60 MYR 5.10 Availability: In Stock
Cold Vaporising Ointment. For symptomatic relief from blocked nose and cough due to colds.
Product Code:10109730
MYR 21.40 MYR 16.90 Availability: In Stock
Euderm is a deep moisturizing cream for the daily care of the body; it replenishes moisture to dry, scaly and itchy skin conditions caused by detergent. shampoo, highly alkaline soap or chemical.
Product Code:10109820
MYR 12.90 MYR 11.30 Availability: In Stock
Use traditionally for relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints, symptoms of stomachache and cold.
Product Code:10109950
MYR 37.15 MYR 25.90 Availability: In Stock
This medication is used to prevent pain caused by injections and minor surgical procedures. It is also used for the temporary relief of minor sports injuries. Ethyl chloride also helps to relieve deep muscle pain when used with muscle stretching techniques. Ethyl chloride is a cooling substance that is applied to the skin to numb it.
Product Code:10109980
MYR 20.00 MYR 16.00 Availability: In Stock
Homecare Anti Mosquito Patch is another formulation of Homecare series mosquito repellent product. It is designed to minimize the contact of repellent oil on skin while protecting the user from mosquito bites. The micro-encapsulation technology allows citronella oil to be released steadily for a longer duration with an enhanced effect.
Product Code:10110120
MYR 30.75 MYR 26.10 Availability: In Stock
Mosi-guard Natural® provides you whole family with up to 8 hours protection from mosquitoes and repels tick,midges and leeches which may carry diseases such as Malaria, Dengue Fever or Lyme Disease.
Product Code:10110130
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