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21st Century Saw Palmetto Extract 640mg 30's
CV: 7.00

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Bio-Life Saw Palmetto & Pumpkin Seed 30's
CV: 10.00

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Tocovid SupraBio 50mg 60's
CV: 45.00

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Abbott Surbex Bio Enhanced Fish Oil Plus 60's x 3
CV: 27.00

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Abbott Surbex Natopherol Bio Enhanced E 250IU 60's x 2
CV: 9.00

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Abbott Surbex Natopherol E 400IU 60's x 2
CV: 15.00

MYR 34.95 MYR 26.20

21st Century Pomegranate 60's
CV: 7.00

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Nu-Prep Lelaki Tongkat Ali 60's*2
CV: 49.00

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New Morning Leatherwood Honey 1kg
CV: 10.00

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Hypocol 600mg 90's*2
CV: 24.00

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Naturalle Garlic 220's*2 3000mg
CV: 10.00

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Apotec Tongkat Ali Beverage 50ml 12 Bottles
CV: 23.00

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Apotec Tongkat Ali Tea 3g 30's
CV: 15.00

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Apotec Prima Tongkat Ali 350mg 60's
CV: 40.00

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Himalaya Septilin 100's
CV: 10.00

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It Has Been Used By Men For Years In Europe And Is Now Recognized In The United States As An Aid To Prostate Health.The Berries Of The Saw Palmetto Have Been Used For Treating Inflammation Of The Bladder, Prostate Enlargement, Lack Of Sexual Desire And As A Mild Water Releaser.
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Saw Palmetto & Pumpkin Seed is an herbal formulation traditionally used to regulate urination and improve well-being of men.
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Tocovid™ SupraBio™ is a natural combination of Tocotrienols (T3), Tocopherol, Phytosterols, Squalene and Mixed Carotenoids from the natural tropical palm oil, providing the optimum antioxidant nutrients for your body that promote general health well-being
Product Code:10143510
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As a dietary supplement.
Product Code:10371800
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A Vitamin E supplement for adults.
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A Vitamin E supplement for adults.
Product Code:10377220
MYR 34.95 MYR 26.20 Availability: In Stock
21st Century’s® Pomegranate 500 mg (Punica granatum) contains Pomegranate fruit extract standardized to 40% Ellagic Acid. This important polyphenol helps promote antioxidant health and supports the body's fight to suppress free radicals that can lead to pre-mature aging of cells.
Product Code:10377330
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Nu-Prep LELAKI is formulated based on the Energy System concept which promotes optimum health and vitality.
Product Code:10379850
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New Morning Organic Leatherwood Honey is a premium gourmet honey. Our honey captures the essence of leatherwood tree nectar in the protected Tarkine Wilderness, Tasmania, the only place in the world where Leatherwood honey is produced.
Product Code:10386860
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HypoCol is recommended as part of your cholesterol management program that should include a healthy diet, regular exercise and stress reduction regime. HypoCol is specially recommended for use by healthy adult men and post-menopausal women concerned about maintaining desirable healthy cholesterol levels naturally. It is suitable for individuals whose total serum cholesterol levels fall within the borderline risk bracket.
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Allium sativum, or more widely known as garlic, is a species in the onion genus, Allium. It is one of the earliest documented plants used by humans for culinary purposes, as well as for the maintenance of health, dating at least as far back as when the Giza pyramids were built.
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12 bottles of 50ml. Apotec Tongkat Ali Beverage is specially design for men who always on the go.
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Pack of 30 teabags.Traditionally used for man health , improve blood circulation,increase energy level,raw material is organic from Bioalpha Desaru farm and Eurycoma longifolia species. Ideal for men who enjoys tea in their leisure day.
Product Code:10394610
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60 capsules. Improves physical fitness & strength ,improve overall wellness,great for increasing energy&stamina,overcomes lethargy and improves blood circulation
Product Code:10394680
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Helps improve body’s defence mechanism in it’s fight against sinusitis, tonsillitis, otorrhea, furunculosis and other septic conditions.
Product Code:10395070
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