Stomach Upset

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Dulcolax Tablets 200's
CV: 12.00

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Gaviscon Double Action 150ml
CV: 4.00

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Eno Lemon 4.3g 2's (Strip)
CV: 1.00

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Axcel Eviline Forte Suspension 120ml
CV: 2.00

MYR 80.40 MYR 68.40

Gaviscon Double Action 10ml x 24's
CV: 10.00

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Maalox Plus Simethicone Suspension 180ml
CV: 5.00

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Ocean Oat King 500g
CV: 5.00

MYR 55.50 MYR 45.90 Availability: In Stock
Dulcolax® Laxative Tablets are clinically proven to relieve occasional constipation and irregularity overnight, so you can feel like yourself in the morning.
Product Code:10953680
MYR 29.00 MYR 24.90 Availability: In Stock
Dual relief from heartburn and indigestion. Gets to work instantly, Lasts up to 2x longer than antacids, Suitable for use in pregnancy.
Product Code:10971530
MYR 2.50 MYR 2.20 Availability: In Stock
Quick relief is all you want when suffering from indigestion and this is exactly what Eno provides. As soon as you get that bloated feeling after a meal, have an Eno and you will feel the difference immediately.
Product Code:10973360
MYR 15.05 MYR 13.60 Availability: In Stock
For relief of heartburn and acid indigestion.
Product Code:10977020
MYR 80.40 MYR 68.40 Availability: In Stock
Complete relief from heartburn and indigestion on the go.
Product Code:10983170
MYR 19.80 MYR 15.80 Availability: In Stock
Act as antacid by neutralizing gastric acid and raise pH. To relief intermittent, infrequent heartburn and indigestion.
Product Code:10983510
MYR 33.80 MYR 30.90 Availability: In Stock
Oat King is produced using high quality of oats, barley, wheat, wheat germ, wheat bran, brown rice, red rice, millet, corn, black bean, soybean, mung bean, white navy bean, sesame seed and job’s tear originated from Australia and Europe.
Product Code:10988510
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