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MYR 39.20 MYR 34.90

VitaHealth Celery Plus 30's
CV: 5.00

MYR 15.70 MYR 13.90

Cardiprin 100 30's
CV: 1.00

MYR 38.05 MYR 34.30

Himalaya Cystone 100's
CV: 8.00

MYR 16.20 MYR 12.90

Mentholatum Deep Heat Rub 35.4g
CV: 2.00

MYR 3.00 MYR 2.80

Tokusen Plaster 62x41mm 10's
CV: 1.00

MYR 7.30 MYR 6.80

Actal Plus Tablet 20's
CV: 2.00

MYR 449.50 MYR 382.90

Methycobal 500mcg 50 x 10's
CV: 114.00

MYR 347.00 MYR 139.00

Rocaltrol 0.25mcg 20's x 5
CV: 2.00

MYR 18.50 MYR 15.70

Lice Clear 70ml
CV: 5.00

MYR 8.20 MYR 5.90

Champs D Worms 2's
CV: 2.00

MYR 1088.00 MYR 745.00

Cell Labs Sheep Placenta Forte 30000mg 30'S*2 790 OL
CV: 0.00

MYR 29.30 MYR 26.40

Betadine Vaginal Gel 100g
CV: 8.00

MYR 83.75 MYR 71.20

Citrex Asonor 30ml
CV: 20.00

MYR 55.60 MYR 44.50

Persen Forte Hard Capsule 10's x 3
CV: 11.00

MYR 13.90 MYR 12.50

Hurix's Corn Solution 15ml
CV: 2.00

MYR 39.20 MYR 34.90 Availability: In Stock
VitaHealth Celery Plus is a proprietary formulation of celery seed, white willow bark, devil's claw and other herbs.
Product Code:10100520
MYR 15.70 MYR 13.90 Availability: In Stock
Preventing strokes and heart attacks. Cardiprin 100 reduces the stickiness of platelets (the clot-forming part of blood), making them less likely to form a clot and helping to prevent blocking of blood vessels.
Product Code:10107960
MYR 38.05 MYR 34.30 Availability: In Stock
Traditionally used to improve urinary problems
Product Code:10108500
MYR 16.20 MYR 12.90 Availability: In Stock
For sore muscles and back pain – work in before you exercise to warm up and after exercise to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness.
Product Code:10109430
MYR 3.00 MYR 2.80 Availability: In Stock
For stiff shoulder or bruise and sprain or all other muscular aches and pain due to exhaustion.
Product Code:10110330
MYR 7.30 MYR 6.80 Availability: In Stock
For the relief of pain and flatulence (wind) associated with gastric hyperacidity, heartburn of pregnancy, peptic ulcer, pyrosis and indigestion.
Product Code:10116380
MYR 449.50 MYR 382.90 Availability: In Stock
Treatment for peripheral neuropathies induced by various factors. It acts to repair damaged nerve tissue, improve sensory disturbances and dyskinesia. Injection can also be used for anaemia megaloblastic.
Product Code:10137340
MYR 347.00 MYR 139.00 Availability: In Stock
Calcitriol is vitamin D3. Vitamin D is important for the absorption of calcium from the stomach and for the functioning of calcium in the body.
Product Code:10138580
MYR 18.50 MYR 15.70 Availability: In Stock
Eliminates lice and eggs.
Product Code:10142380
MYR 8.20 MYR 5.90 Availability: In Stock
Champs D – Worms6 is a delicious chocolate – taste chewable tablets which kills Roundworm, Whipworm, Pinworm, Threadworm, Hookworm and Tapeworm
Product Code:10381820
MYR 1088.00 MYR 745.00 Availability: In Stock
Placenta Forte Plus The finest addition to the CellLabs anti-ageing supplements is Placenta Forte Plus, containing state-of-the-art enteric-coated capsules that are fully researched, developed and manufactured in New Zealand.
Product Code:10386070
MYR 29.30 MYR 26.40 Availability: In Stock
Deodorizing,bacterial,fungicidal,virucidal & protozoidal.
Product Code:10398630
MYR 83.75 MYR 71.20 Availability: In Stock
Citrex Asonor nasal spray effectively removes the cause of snoring. It is a simple yet effective treatment, which relieves one of the inconveniences that snoring causes. Citrex Asonor is an easy to use nasal spray that lubricates and softens the soft tissue structures and lightly tightens the musculature of the throat so that breathing is easier, and snoring is reduced or stopped. Citrex Asonor uses a specially designed nasal delivery system that places the solution at the back of the throat.
Product Code:10448970
MYR 55.60 MYR 44.50 Availability: In Stock
A blend of dry plant extracts with a calming effect; has a favourable effect also in mild difficulties falling asleep or mild sleeping disorders.
Product Code:10456640
MYR 13.90 MYR 12.50 Availability: In Stock
It is indicated in the treatment of warts and corns.
Product Code:10928280
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