Pain & Fever

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Panaflex Extra Pain Relief Gel 30g
CV: 4.00

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Hurix's Ubat Demam & Selsema Untuk Kanak 60ml
CV: 3.00

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Salonpas Patch 20's
CV: 1.00

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Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub Boost 50g
CV: 2.00

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Hurix's Fluaway Syrup 60ml
CV: 3.00

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Flexiseq Gel 50g
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Panadol Extra 12's
CV: 1.00

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Panaflex Extra Gel is non greasy and provides fast deep penetrating relief of stiff neck and shoulder, muscle ache, joint and back pain.
Product Code:10962160
MYR 11.60 MYR 10.80 Availability: In Stock
Traditionally used for symptomatic relief of fever, cold, cough, reduce phlegm, sore throat, headache and body ache.
Product Code:10966380
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The strength of Salonpas® Original is evident in that it's still the #1 pain patch worldwide and in the US. Salonpas® has three active ingredients in a flexible, easy to apply patch that can be used up to four at a time. Salonpas® provides temporary relief of minor aches & pains of muscles & joints associated with arthritis, simple backache, strains, bruises, sprains. Fast, effective pain relief where it's needed most. Easy to Apply.
Product Code:10971460
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Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub provides fast, soothing relief for neck and shoulder pain and the aches caused by work stress, tension, and sitting at a desk for long periods of time. The easy-to-carry and no-fuss dispensing tube makes it convenient to dispense anytime or anywhere you need a lift - in the office or on the go. The creamy, water-based blend of camphor and menthol gives Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub a clean, non-greasy feel while the vanishing scent makes it practical for any social or office situation.
Product Code:10980580
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Traditionally used to relieve cold, fever, sore throat, relieve cough and phlegm and reduce heatiness.
Product Code:10980600
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FLEXISEQ is a topically applied gel. FLEXISEQ is specially formulated to combat joint pain associated with osteoarthritis. Daily application in the morning and evening is enough to start to bring about real improvement in joint pain in as little as two days.
Product Code:10984590
MYR 11.30 MYR 9.60 Availability: In Stock
Panadol Extra is suitable for customers who want the benefits of Panadol, plus a little more pain relieving power from strong pain such as tension headaches, bad backaches and period pain.
Product Code:10988270
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