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MYR 106.90 MYR 85.50

Apotec Cordy Wolfberry 350mg 60's
CV: 32.00

MYR 106.90 MYR 85.50

Apotec B-Ligno Complex 500mg 60's
CV: 30.00

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Apotec Treasure Herbal Tea Gift Set 3g*30's
CV: 38.00

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Apotec D'Natural 50ml x 6 bottles
CV: 14.00

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Apotec D'Boost 3g x 6 sachets
CV: 8.00

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Nushine Anti-Ageing 5g x 30 Sachet
CV: 50.00

MYR 160.90 MYR 128.70

Nushine Nanollagen 15ml x 36 Bottles
CV: 46.00

MYR 106.90 MYR 85.50 Availability: In Stock
60 capsules. Wolfberry - the entire plant, including the berries, leaves, roots, and root bark have been utilized for restorative purposes since thousands of years. In traditional medicine, Wolfberry were used to support better vision,restore normal body function and reduce tiredness.
Product Code:10394690
MYR 106.90 MYR 85.50 Availability: In Stock
Traditionally used for relief of cough and cold,improve respiratory health ,improve immune system. Using proprietary liquid fermentation to produce Lignosus Rhinocerus and Cordyceps Sinensis.
Product Code:10394700
MYR 125.10 MYR 99.90 Availability: In Stock
Pack of 30 teabags. Made from finest Black tea from Cameron Highlands is blended with Tongkat Ali, Kacip Fatimah, Misai Kucing, Hempedu Bumi and Roselle respectively that gives a complete daily benefits of tea drinking.
Product Code:10442590
MYR 46.90 MYR 37.50 Availability: In Stock
6 bottles of 50ml. Botanical beverage mix apple juice concentrate & papaya leaf juice extract. Helps in increasing red blood cells and total blood platelet. Perfect for on-the-go drinks daily.
Product Code:10451940
MYR 26.90 MYR 21.50 Availability: In Stock
6 sachets. Food powder made from lemon and papaya leaf extract, good food supplement for anemia or bone marrow patient to increase red blood cells and total blood platelet.
Product Code:10451960
MYR 169.00 MYR 135.20 Availability: In Stock
30 sachets. Nushine Anti-ageing ( 5g X 30s) is with very powerful antioxidant agent that extract from food and herbs, which helps to inhibit the formation of free radicals and protect the body against againg. Ligthen skin pigmentation with L-Glutathione 200mg. Marine Collagen peptide ( 2000mg with 0.5K Dalton which enhance the maximum absorption level , to reduce fines line & wrinkle.
Product Code:10976600
MYR 160.90 MYR 128.70 Availability: In Stock
Pack in 36 bottles of 15ml. Nushine Nanollagen comes in a concentration form of collagen drink. Through latest technology, regular intake of Nushine Nanollagen helps skin regain firmer, smoother and radiant condition in just weeks.
Product Code:10976610
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