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Mucolator 200mg 30's
CP: 7.00

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Ranbaxy's Garlic Pearls 100's
CP: 1.00

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Enervon C Tablet 100's
CP: 19.00

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Neurorubine-forte 20*10's
CP: 38.00

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Equal Classic 50'stick 50g
CP: 1.00

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Duofilm Solution 15ml
CP: 6.00

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Panadol 500mg 30's
CP: 1.00

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Panadol Soluble 500mg 20's
CP: 2.00

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Cardiprin 100 30's
CP: 1.00

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Smecta Anti Diarrheals 3g 30's
CP: 7.00

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Ultracarbon 50's
CP: 7.00

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Fybogel 10'sachet
CP: 6.00

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Dulcolax 10mg 50's
CP: 20.00

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Senokot Tablets With Senna 60's
CP: 2.00

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Gripe Water 148ml
CP: 2.00

MYR 56.10 MYR 47.90 Availability: In Stock
Acts as a mucolytic agent to dilute and liquefy phlegm and ease its expectoration. Indicated as adjuvant antidote to paracetamol poisoning (overdosage).
Product Code:10102610
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Garlic Pearls is a daily supplement that used to helps against arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure.It also helps to relieve gas and indigestion, ease heart burn, reduce high cholesterol levels, ease disabling joint pains, prevent and control recurring coughs and colds.
Product Code:10105140
MYR 78.36 MYR 66.90 Availability: In Stock
Enervon-C Tablet is an adult multivitamin preparation that has the right combination of vitamins C and B-complex designed to help ensure optimum energy and to increase body resistance against infections and other stress conditions.
Product Code:10105710
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Neurorubine- Forte is used as adjuvant in neuritic pain (acute or chronic neuritis and polyneuritis); neuralgia; toxic damage of the nerve tissue
Product Code:10105790
MYR 10.07 MYR 8.60 Availability: In Stock
Equal Classic Tablets add sweetness to your hot drinks anytime, anywhere so that you can still enjoy a delicious, sweet taste without the calories. Each tablet dissolves easily in your tea and coffee and gives the same sweetness of one teaspoon of sugar.
Product Code:10106730
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Product Code:10107330
MYR 10.10 MYR 8.60 Availability: In Stock
Panadol Tablets provide fast, effective temporary relief from pain and discomfort.
Product Code:10107430
MYR 11.50 MYR 10.30 Availability: In Stock
When you’re suffering from headaches and body aches, you need rapid relief. Panadol Soluble is absorbed more quickly than ordinary Panadol tablets and gets to work twice as fast.
Product Code:10107450
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Preventing strokes and heart attacks. Cardiprin 100 reduces the stickiness of platelets (the clot-forming part of blood), making them less likely to form a clot and helping to prevent blocking of blood vessels.
Product Code:10107960
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Product Code:10108200
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Acure diarrhoea , to prevention of absorption in oral intoxications and acceleration of elimination in intoxication with substances subject to enterohepatic circulation.
Product Code:10108220
MYR 27.95 MYR 23.80 Availability: In Stock
Fybogel Natural High Fibre Sachets is an easy and convenient way to increase the fibre in your diet helping your digestive system work more efficiently and gently relieving constipation the natural way. Fybogel works naturally with your body to treat constipation without undue straining, discomfort or unnatural urgency, so helping to restore and maintain regularity.
Product Code:10108430
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it helps you to maintain or improves the condition of your body as well as boosting your health and fitness.
Product Code:10108440
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Senokot is a reliably effective laxative made with natural senna treated especially to yield a constant amount of active ingredient in each dose, to give predictable relief from occasional or non-persistent constipation.
Product Code:10108460
MYR 12.80 MYR 11.90 Availability: In Stock
For relief from wind pains, digestive upsets especially during the teething period.
Product Code:10108640
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